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26. Sep 09

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Sheep Jokes

A blog post showing a brilliant video of a comedian with a great comeback to all the Sheep jokes us Welsh have to suffer through. He's%...

24. Sep 09

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Photos: vintage mobile phones

Ages ago, mobile phones were not quite the tiny little gadgets we have today. Instead of a pocket, you needed a backpack to carry them

22. Sep 09

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Hey, lose the pedantic negativity

A lot of creative people can't take negative comments. As an industry, consider that were stifling creativity and innovation by the band-wagon...

20. Sep 09

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shoulder arm pain

Frozen shoulder,how to heal it.Frozen shoulder,how to heal it.Frozen shoulder,how to heal it.Frozen shoulder,how to heal it.Frozen shoulder%...

18. Sep 09

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SONY's New Patent Gets Canned By Spam Filters

When SONY applied for a patent for attaching scripts to messages that force email recipients to respond, it seemed like a capital idea. But%...

15. Sep 09

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Man found carrying grandmother's head in suitcase,9...

People in the area became suspicious when someone saw the man pulling "something" towards a secondary school about 10pm. "The man was ordered ...

13. Sep 09

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Darcoid Rubber Products Company

Rubber Products - Darcoid Rubber Company, is the manufacturer of gaskets, o-rings, o-ring kits, hydraulic seals, neoprene seals, parker%...

11. Sep 09

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NeoDJ Pro 3.1]

MP3 WAV AUDIO CD DJ MIXING SOFTWARE. NeoDJ PRO is one software package that enables anyone to remix MP3s and Music CD

08. Sep 09

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20 million page closed archive of Nazi records wil...

Holocaust survivors move closer this week to being able to find a paper trail of their own persecution when the keepers of a Nazi archive de...

06. Sep 09

(Deborah the Recycled Airplane Wing Desk)

If you were told that a recycled desk would cost you $5000, then you would obviously think we are crazy or kidding. But thats no ordin...


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